Out of Poverty is a program of personal change. It is intended for individuals whose lives are habituated and sustained in poverty. Out of Poverty affirms that change is possible. Following a step-by-step process within a group context, this program creates and fosters an environment in which change can and does occur.

What is different about Out of Poverty? Out of Poverty utilizes a group process for personal transformation. The process begins with the person's accepting responsibility for his/her own experience of poverty. The program is delivered through a series of twelve lessons. These lessons stress self-management, work relevant values, and self-determination. Participants commit to learn and practice new behaviors, and to share that journey with other participants.

Out of Poverty:

  • Honors and explores a person's history.
  • Challenges and demonstrates how to live a different kind of life.
  • Provides tools to make a different life.
  • Reinforces these skills through assessment and support.