I.  Lesson One Who Am I?
 II.  Lesson Two How I Came To Be Here
 III.  Lesson Three Choosing To Live Beyond My History
 IV.  Lesson Four How To Get Moving - Changing Unproductive Patterns Of Behavior
 V.  Lesson Five How To Get Moving- Changing Unproductive Ways Of Thinking And Feeling
 VI.  Lesson Six Creating A New World And A New Me
 VII.  Lesson Seven Getting And Spending A Paycheck
 VII.  Lesson Eight Personal Responsibility - My Time, My Money, And My Word
 IX.  Lesson Nine Competence-Getting "Know How"
 X.  Lesson Ten Industriousness - The "Can Do Spirit"
 XI.  Lesson Eleven Integrity - "You Can Count on Me"
 XII.  Lesson Twelve My Personal Prosperity Plan
   Appendix "ABC" Approach to Analyzing Behavior
    Action Planning
    Active Listening
    Assertion Methods
    Clustering: Finding Direction and Clarity
    Framing Problems So That They Can Be Solved
    Generating Positive Self-Talk
    Goal Setting
    Mental Rehearsal
    Negotiating Differences
    Relaxation Breathing
    Self-Management Skills
   Appendix B Guidelines for Using the Narrative Approach
   Appendix C Post Lesson Assessment
   Appendix D Participant Data Sheet