Guided Imagery Exercises


To expand participants' perceptions of their capacities and possibilities through guided visualizations and affirmations.

The following guided imagery experiences are to be used while practicing relaxation skills. Have participants initiate diaphragmatic breathing activities. Use material Relaxation Breathing in the Appendix. Continue guiding their relaxation for approximately three minutes, then read one of the guided imagery experiences below." During this time of reflection, read the Affirmation that corresponds to the day's lesson. At the conclusion of the guided imagery experience say, "Continue breathing in a relaxed and comfortable way until you have incorporated the lessons from this activity. Then return to this time and place alert and refreshed.

1. I Am A Person Of Inestimable Worth.

You find yourself looking up into the night sky. There is no moon and the heavens are dark, deep, and clear. Stars speckle the sky every way you turn. Some are bright, others dim. Some seem close while others seem far away. At first, they are just stars, but as you sink into the stillness of the night, and feel the vastness of space, you realize how unique and different the stars are. Each star is one of a kind. Each star was created from the dust of space. It has a history, a destiny, and an identity. Each star is irreplaceable; it was created, it is fed and sustained, and it will die. You realize that you are like a star, unique, solitary, and irreplaceable. Neither deeds nor possessions adds to or subtracts from the inestimable worth of "me" and the voice which says "I am." "I" choose and "I" change. "I" learn and "I" know. "I" suffer and "I" rejoice. My star shines in this human universe like the stars that blaze in the night sky, and my soul soars.


2. I Have Something To Offer Others.

You are in an attic room with light that seems to come from a dusty window at one end. The air is warm from the sun's beating down on the roof and heat rising from the rest of the house; and the room has the musty smell of the past. As your eyes grow accustomed to the dimness, you see cobwebs on the rafters, hear the floor boards squeak beneath your feet, and in a corner of the room, you notice an old trunk. You go to the trunk and open it; it is full of photographs, letters, clothes, records, and all manner of things. As you look more closely, you realize that these are your things. You pick up one of the items, and immediately, it takes you to the time and place where that memory was made. It is a time when you felt really good about yourself. Among all the items, there are three really important ones. You can see them clearly. You pick up the first one, and you remember a time when you were able to really help someone else in need. You experience that moment all over again, and you feel pleased. You pick up the second item in the trunk. The memory of a time when you accomplished something important to you rushes back, and you enjoy your achievement all over again. As you pick up the last item, you realize it is really special. It takes you to a place where you can see the many times and ways life has given you the opportunity to express how special you really are. You savor the moments and the memories; then return them to the trunk and close it. Remember that you can return here any time.


3. I Can Make Choices.

You find yourself standing at a busy intersection. The traffic speeds by noisily, people are all around you hurrying to their destinations, and you become aware that you are standing there deciding which way to go. You look each way, then back along the way you have come, and you are aware that you must choose, and you begin to remember where you were going, and what you expected to find there. In a moment you will have decided, but just now you are keenly aware of choosing. There are several alternatives, and as you think of them, you recognize the potential benefits and barriers. While you are considering which way to go, your mind focuses on one way as better than all the others. You begin to feel certain and sure that this is the right one. You can see yourself going there in your mind. Increasingly, you feel confident and eager to begin. In that moment you act, the intersection is crossed, and the next choice lies somewhere ahead.


4. I Am Open And Willing To Change.

You are standing in a park. The trees are lush and green and the smell of freshly cut grass tells you that it is springtime. As you look around, you realize that you are on a path that leads into some woods a short distance away. The coolness and shade beckon you, and as you move towards the trees, your sense of excitement and adventure increases. As you slip into the shadow of the woods, noise and distractions from the outside fade. You are alone in the silence of the unfamiliar. For just a moment, you sense danger - a feeling that passes as you realize that you are in a place you have never been, seeing a part of your world for the first time, and experiencing the freedom you never knew existed. As scary as these things may be, the sense of adventure and excitement invites you deeper and deeper into the forest. In some places the path is well marked; in others, only faint signs appear. Strange sounds, odd sights, and amazing things happen as you go. You are drawn forward by anticipation and discovery. Each step prepares for the next as you explore this new world. You are certain that your journey will change you, and you will never be the same. Your spirit soars as the past slips away and the future opens before you.