Facilitators should introduce and encourage participants to use affirmations throughout the program. They are coordinated with the Guided Imagery section and also with the themes of the specific lessons. Write the affirmation out on the chalkboard or newsprint before each session and place it where it can be seen. Say the affirmation aloud with participants. Encourage participants to write down the affirmation and continue practicing it at least twice a day (just before going to sleep and upon awakening).

1. I Am A Person Of Inestimable Worth.

I experience myself as a person of worth. As a person of worth, I am pleasing to myself and others. I love and approve of myself as a person of worth and demonstrate to others in my life that I am worthy. I live in the now. Each moment is new. I choose to see myself as worthy of love and approve of myself. I release my past and accept myself as a person of worth today. Repeat three times.

2. I Have Something To Offer.

I have something to offer others, and I experience myself as a person with many different things within my life to offer. Daily I review my assets, whatever they may be-a smile, a warm embrace, a kind word or deed-and I offer these and much more to those I come in contact with during the day. I choose at this point to offer what I can, knowing that what I offer will be returned to me in life. Today, in this moment, I experience myself as generous and take stock of all that I can offer to those whom I meet. Repeat three times.

3. I Can Make Choices.

I realize that in this moment I alone have the power to make the choices that are before me. No one else can make these choices; only I can, with the guidance of God and those with whom I choose to relate. I make those choices which best fit the higher good, those things which feel right inside and of which I am most proud. Weighing the consequences and trusting my wisdom, I go forward with my power to choose, and I own that power within. Repeat three times.

4. I Can Change.

I can change. This is the truth. I only have to decide and act on my decision. I examine my life and release the old patterns from the past which have kept me in a prison. Today I experience myself as a person who can change, and I review those options available for change. I am open to all the information that is around me, and I follow that divine peace and harmony that surrounds me. I taking the path of change, following it where it leads, to a better me. Repeat three times.