What is Out of Poverty?

Out of Poverty is an educational experience designed to be used with a comprehensive program of client social services. The specific focus of Out of Poverty is the acquired mindset of clients which interferes with their efforts to escape the conditions of poverty they are experiencing. The program was designed to assist groups of individuals to free themselves from their past and to seek, find and keep good paying jobs.

How is the Out of Poverty experience organized?

Out of Poverty is a curriculum consisting of twelve lessons. Each lesson has one or more specific learning outcomes. Participants work on these outcomes in groups that meed for approximately 90 minutes. A trained facilitator guides participants through a standard session sequence. The entire curriculum consists of approximately fifty hours of instruction.

What is a typical lesson like?

Who am I? - My family

Changing Unproductive Ways of Thinking and Feeling

Creating a New World and a New Me

Spending a Pay Check

Spending a Pay Check (part 2)

Money is No Moral Compass

What are other unique features of the Out of Poverty program?

Assembling Statement

Guided Imagery Experiences


Self-Worth Checklist
Coping Skills

Dismissing Statement

Narrative Approach

How does a person or agency get permission to use Out of Poverty?

The Out of Poverty curriculum is made available to any not-for-profit agency that wants to use it in conjunction with its program of client services. Out of Poverty is not a stand-alone program; it works best where other client needs are being addressed.

To become a participating agency, you must:

1) Register as a participating agency

2) Provide a description of your agency

3) Train facilitators to lead the curriculum

4) Deliver and use the curriculum as it has been designed

5) Keep and share participant results

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